Built To Last

Every caravan owner has different needs, but one thing is important to every owner, your new caravan must be built to stringent quality standards to survive Australia’s testing conditions.

Our buyer’s checklist will show you why Crusader is one of the most sought after caravans in Australia today.

While all caravans can differ in layout and design the basic fact is you want your van to be well made, strong, safe and easy to use. Built from quality materials, Crusader caravans are made strong enough to face the challenges of all types of roads and last the test of time, offering you peace of mind when you hit the road.

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Crusader are stronger and better built, every van incorporates a thick composite roof and floor into the construction of each caravan. Composite construction is the process of joining a number of layers of material together and creating a strong and reliable component designed to cope with movement stress, climatic conditions and general usage.


Extensive research and development goes into designing innovative and quality caravans. We take feedback from our dealers and customers. We also benefit from many years of our own experience in the caravan industry. All this counts towards ensuring that our caravans will more than tolerate expected road and climatic conditions, and be fully compliant to Government safety and design regulations.


Crusader Caravans has a dedicated team of designers ready to assist our customers in bringing life to their dreams. We can offer a wide choice of models, variations, options and accessories for even the most discerning customer. Model designs are developed on CAD Computer Aided Design systems and the three dimensional images create designs for prototype construction

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Quality Assurance Program

Crusader is proud to offer their Quality Assurance Program that follows your caravan right through the manufacturing process to the day you take delivery. Ensuring every caravan meets our stringent quality control standards in construction, fit out, durability and toughness.

The factory inspects and signs off every chassis before it commences its journey down the production line and at each stage of the process. From flooring, walls and roof construction, furniture positioning, electrical, gas and plumbing systems, external cladding and all the other processes, our quality team checks and signs off each process before the caravan proceeds to the next stage of manufacture.

The final factory Quality Assurance check is vital and proper attention is paid to ensuring each item is checked off our comprehensive checklist after the caravan is cleaned internally. Each caravan is weighed and sprayed for 30 minutes in our high-pressure water leak test facility.

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The Crusader Lifestyle

Enjoy the silence with the occasional rustle of the wind in the trees and view the expansive sky that stretches above you while you sit back, relax and simply enjoy life.

Imagine your children laughing and exploring new places, having the time of their lives while the delicious aroma of barbeque wafts past.

Head off an a grand adventure as you roll along highways, quaint country roads and outback tracks exploring hidden corners of this vast country.

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Customer Care, Parts & Servicing

When you purchase a Crusader, you become part of the Crusader family.

Crusader is not just your average caravan company. We understand that you do not want to feel alone on your travels and that on occasions things can occur where you may require some assistance. Equally, we would love to hear about your travels and your wonderful experiences as you travel our gorgeous country.

2 Year National Warranty

So confident are we that our caravans will stand the test of time, Crusader offers a two year factory backed national warranty on all our caravans and 5 year structural warranty.

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Crusader Caravans are built with high quality materials and fittings by experienced craftsmen who take real pride in their work. So they look good inside and out, and they last. And all at a very competitive price.

On the road, your Crusader caravan will be stable and strong. Then, when you’ve found that perfect spot to stay for a day or a week, the attention to detail in every aspect of the construction will come to the fore. Comfort, Efficiency. Great use of space. Everything working just the way it should, so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

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